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Why Invest in Bulgaria?

Political and business stability

  • Bulgaria enjoys one of the most stable political and economic environments in Southeastern Europe
  • Government financial indicators are remarkable not only in the region, but on a pan-European scale
  • Bulgarian economy maintains its excellent performance despite global challenges 
  • Bulgaria is the only country in Europe with a credit rating upgrade by Moody’s since the beginning of 2010
  • Bulgaria is a member of some of the most prestigious political organizations
    European Union member since 2007
    NATO member since 2004
    WTO member since 1996
  • Stable currency –Bulgarian Lev has been pegged to the Euro since the adoption of the currency in 2002

 EU most favorable taxes

  • Bulgaria possibly is one of the most favorable locations in the EU in terms of doing business 

        Currently, Bulgaria has a 0% tax rate for regions with high unemployment
        VAT rate is 20%
        Dividend taxation rate is 5%

        Bulgaria has signed over 50 Double Tax Treaties

Highly qualified and talented workforce

  • 60 500 graduates from 53 universities and colleges
  • 10,200 foreign students enrolled in Bulgarian universities
  • About 70% of Bulgarian students study English
  • Classes in 100+ “language high schools” are taught in foreign language
  • Returning students add diversity and skills to the labor pool

Competitive cost of doing business

  • One of the most competitive costs of labor in Central and Eastern Europe 
  • Cost of electricity is 67% of the European average
  • Bulgaria has top-quality office space at Europe’s most competitive rental cost level

Excellent business environment 

  • The required capital for the registration of a limited liability company in Bulgaria is 1 euro
  • There is a unified register of companies “The Trade Register” and the registration takes 3-7 days
  • Bulgaria ranks 9th among Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries on ease of doing business, much higher than Romania, Turkey and Serbia, according to IFC index
  • The country ranks 8th among 183 countries across the world in terms of ease of obtaining credit
  • Bulgaria is among the top 10 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that best protects its investors

Government support and EU funding

  • There are more than 1.8 bn BGN in EU funds to be made available until 2020 for infrastructure development, agriculture, manufacturing, environment and many others
  • The government supports specific industries under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA)
  • Investments must be related to the following sectors:
    Research & development
    High-tech services
    Warehousing and logistics
  • Minimum investment amounts must exceed  €10m
    €3.5 in regions with high unemployment and €2m for investment projects in high-tech services
  • Benefits for certified investors include:
    Shortened administrative procedures
    Preferential acquisition of state or municipal land
    Financial support for professional training / education
    Infrastructure subsidies
    Individual administrative services
  • Biggest investors are supported through a priority investment scheme

High growth potential

  • Consistent GDP growth of above 5% prior to the financial crisis
  • Convergence potential in many sectors vs. Western and CEE levels
  • Increasing export levels, especially in sectors such as agriculture, food, chemicals, electronics
  • Preferred location for IT and BPO from both European and international players

Strategic geographic location

  • Strategically located to serve Europe, Russia, the CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa
  • Bulgaria is only 3 hours flight from all major destinations in Europe, Russia and the Mediterranean region
  • Five Pan-European corridors pass through the country, linking Northern Europe to Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Schengen entry is expected in 2012
  • Direct access to the fastest growing  and biggest market in Europe – 150 mn in Southeast Europe
  • 68 bilateral treaties for avoidance of double taxation

Transport infrastructure and modern connectivity

  • Very comprehensive infrastructure that is being improved constantly
    6 Motorways (some under construction)
    230 Railway stations with capability of loading/unloading cargo
    5 international airports
    7 major river ports on the Danube
    6 major seaports on the Black Sea
    Over 60 industrial zones and logistics centers
  • Better developed logistics than most Balkan countries
  • Sofia is among the top ten worldwide leaders in broadband quality, according to Cisco
  • Bulgaria has one of the fastest household download speeds worldwide

Attractive lifestyle

  • Bulgaria offers a unique lifestyle experience within easy reach of Sofia
    vibrant cities with many art galleries, festivals, concerts, museums
    emerging world-class golf courses
    beautiful coastline with white and golden sand beaches
    numerous spa resorts
    ski resorts including the 2012 World Cup host town of Bansko
    hiking and adventure sports in the beautiful Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes and Balkan mountains
    fine cuisine and boutique wineries
  • The country boasts some of Europe’s greatest historical  treasures
    Thracian and Roman ruins and artifacts,
    Medieval fortresses and historical artifacts
    monasteries and temples dating back as far as 4th century AD
    picturesque villages from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival



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