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About Sveti Vlas

St. Vlas is located at the foot of the southern slopes of the Balkan mountain, right next to the Black Sea coast. The location of St. Vlas between mountain and sea makes the climate very suitable for the treatment of various diseases.

St. Vlas is a beautiful coastal town with about 3000 inhabitants, situated just 5 km north of Sunny Beach resort and 9 km from Nessebar. The location of this resort is in the busiest tourist area in Bulgaria.

Currently the city is high-class resort, with its own marina, the best bars and restaurants, most fashionable nightclubs, the most luxurious hotels and pedestrians. This makes it a preferred destination for tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful mountains and have fun at the beach.

Under all natural conditions – mountain, forest, sea and southern exposure of mountain slopes, are extremely healthy, suitable for relaxation and treatment of various diseases.

The city is also famous with its Yacht Port called “Marina Dinevi”, which offers everything you need, also for the fans of boats to enjoy unforgettable summer holiday. People can rent out or buy a yacht. The professional team of consultants will provide you with impeccable service.

Local information

The local language in Bulgaria is… Bulgarian. Although in Sveti Vlas nearly everyone speaks English & Russian .

The voltage in Bulgaria is 220V. Be sure to bring a plug adapter or buy them in one of the local supermarkets if you need this.


The euro (or pounds) has not yet been introduced in Bulgaria, therefore the Bulgarian lev (BGN) remains as the local currency. 1 Lev = 100 stotinki (Bulgarian cents). The plural of lev is leva.

1 EUR = 1,95 BGN
Currency exchange
If you’ve brought cash it’s advisable to exchange it directly, this is best done at Crown exchange offices which can assure you of a favorable exchange rate, commission free.

Cash withdrawal
If you haven’t brought any cash you can just as easily withdraw leva from your account. ATM’s can be found all over town. The maximum amount to be withdrawn a day is 800 leva.


Transport to Sveti Vlas
Travel to Sveti Vlas  usually goes by plane. Do take into account that you might live in a different time zone.

Public transport
Various forms of public transport are available in Sveti Vlas .
There are taxis waiting on every corner and there are bus services as well.

Sveti Vlas has a bus station with lines to other places in Bulgaria like: Sofia, Nesebar, Burgas and Varna.
Indication of single fares:

Sveti Vlas – Nesebar: 2lev
Sveti Vlas – Burgas: 8 leva
Sveti Vlas – Varna: 15 leva
Sveti Vlas – Sofia: 36 to 42 leva

There is no train station at Sveti Vlas . The closest train station is at Burgas, 35 kilometres outside of Sveti Vlas itself.


Sveti Vlas  is very safe during the daytime and at night there is also plenty of security present inside and outside the clubs. Do not reciprocate offers of so-called “prostitutes” (read: pickpockets) and walk straight on by. You will run into them at the more quiet spots of the boulevard. In case of trouble, the best thing to do is of course to visit the police station.

Travelling papers

A valid passport or ID is required for entry into Bulgaria . A visa isn’t necessary.


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