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Property Insurance for individuals

Property insurance for individuals is a modern insurance solution for your home.

With  Property insurance for individuals you receive:
• protection of your real estate and personal effects; 
• maximum coverage of a wide range of risks and an opportunity to choose according to specific needs and requirements;
• a partnership with a reliable and responsible insurance company.

The insured party under the policy can be the owner, tenant or user of the property covered by the insurance. The insurance can also be signed in favor of a third person.

Property insurance for individuals provides protection of::

• residential, villa and economic (incl. of specific type – greenhouses, buildings for birds and animals breeding, etc.) massive, semi-massive and frame-built buildings, economic facilities as well as unfinished construction, visit The buildings include:
   • built in installations (electrical, gas, water-supply, heating, fire extinguishing, fire informing, climatic, ventilation, telephone and others), representing an inseparable part of buildings with the exception of end devices; 
   • permanent flooring; 
   • doors and windows;

   • permanent illuminants
• furniture and furnishings;
• household and electronic equipment;
• personal effects and belongings;
• food products and beverages;
• works of high artistic value: paintings, tapestries, icons and other works of art;
• appropriate necessary expenses for:
• clearing and transportation of the debris of the destroyed property;
• relocation, protection and preservation of the insured property;
• experts’, engineers’ and architects’ professional fees;
• hotel expenses (accommodation), if the house is completely uninhabitable.

Covered risks:
• fire and consequences of extinguishing: including fire caused by short circuit, lightning, explosion, implosion, shock or falling of a piloted aircraft, its parts and/or load falling from it;
•natural disasters and accidents: storm, hail, torrential rain, flooding, freezing, earth layer collapse, damage from underground waters or sea waves, load from a natural snow or ice accumulation;
• water leaking from pipes and installations. Also covered are damages caused by wetting of property due to 
   o forgotten faucets or taps;
   o failure of water-supply, heating, sewerage, air-conditioning or other type of installations;
• transportation of the insured property when changing the  address;
• damage or destruction due to motorized vehicle impact;
• burglary, including damage caused to doors, barriers and locks;
• burglary;    
• malicious acts by third parties /vandalism/, arson;    
• breaking of windows and damage to window frames; 
• earthquake; 
• third party liability for damages caused by the insured property as a result of a covered risk under the insurance contract. 
• short circuit due to thunder or lightning;
• appropriate necessary expenses for:
   o clearing and transportation of the debris of the destroyed property;
   o relocation, protection and preservation of the insured property;
   o experts’, engineers’ and architects’ professional fees;
   o hotel expenses (accommodation), if the house is completely uninhabitable.

The insurance period is 12 months or shorter – upon agreement between the parties..


• The sum insured is the amount for which property is insured and is determined in Bulgarian lev or foreign currency.
• The insurance premium is determined as a percentage of the sum insured under the existing EUROINS tariff hereunder.
• The insurance premium is paid in a  lump-sum or in up to four installments at no extra cost.


• upon renewal of insurance contract and no damages in the previous year;
• if you have other valid insurances in EUROINS;
• upon a lump-sum payment;
• if you have an Auto CarD club card;
• others.

• Undertake all necessary action to reduce and limit the damage, save and preserve the insured property.
• Immediately notify the appropriate state supervisory authorities (Fire Department at telephone number 160; Police department at telephone number 166, and others) on the day of occurrence of the insurance event or on the day of being informed of this, detailing all the circumstances of which you are aware.

You can notify EUROINS in one of the following ways:


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